Todd Dereemer

Singer, Songwriter, Wyoming musician

Todd Dereemer is an accomplished performer and singer/songwriter. He began writing songs at the age of 10 and has never stopped writing songs. His songs are a diary of his everyday life.  They can be poignant and funny at the same time.

Todd has 4 independent albums to his credit. HorsecreekWindRivers, Cathedral, and Wyoming WindHis albums are now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. 

He has appeared on local television and radio in Cheyenne Wyoming as well as several national television shows including Adventures with the Duchess of York: and Food Nation with Bobby Flay. He has played all over the world from France to the Rocky Mountains and from Nashville to New York City.  

A 6th generation Wyomingite, Todd comes from a ranching family that homesteaded at Horsecreek, Wyoming in 1892. He still helps his dad on the family ranch when needed. Todd went to college at Stanford University in California. His first love has always been Wyoming, so he knew that someday he would return.  He met Wendy Volk in 1995 and they were married in 1997. They have two beautiful daughters, Grace Dereemer and Quincy Dereemer. 

In 2016, Todd released his fourth album, Wyoming Wind, which featured Grace on Vocals. Todd and Grace still perform together frequently in the Rocky Mountains and even ventured back to Europe for a special debut in 2019.

Todd continues to perform with his band and writes original music for his upcoming new album. Under New Music, you can find some of Todd’s Top Tracks and demos for artists and publishers.


Todd and Grace